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Lenus is an accelerator for developers. It reduces development time by offering platform components, and standards for data security and interoperability, giving you the freedom to innovate at the service level.

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Platform features

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Connected experiences

By connecting to Lenus your service can consume data from other patient generated services as well as statutory sources. Mixing data from disparate sources makes it possible for patients and healthcare professionals to identify correlations that would otherwise be hidden.

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Lenus offers a number of services that will free you to focus on the customer experience of your application. From authentication and authorisation, to a GDPR compliant consent policy engine for granting and revoking permissions to data, the Lenus data exchange layer takes the heavy lifting out of connecting with statutory systems.

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The Data APIs allow authorised clients to read and write physiology body measurements, vital signs, test results, nutrition and many other standard units of measurement as well as a range of resources based on the HL7 FHIRv3 standard.

Lenus protects user data with SSL while in transit and Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption at rest. Access to these resources is locked-down by Azure Key Vault. Client applications are added to the system by a human. Only approved partners clients can access the Lenus platform.

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Open marketplace

Lenus supports a broad eco-system of digital health services and applications. These applications are offered through a directory of apps where connected services are listed and made available to citizens.

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Technical architecture

Client applications

These are software written by third-party developers that use the Lenus system, including:

  • smartphone apps
  • web applications
  • headless middleware, such us aggregation or reporting services, and data publishing services

The identity service

This is an Open ID Connect based service that:

  • controls user authentication and authorization
  • holds the definition of client apps and their permissions
  • provides an API and website to define and use agency

The data service

A data-exchange layer fronted by an API that allows reading and writing of measurements and FHIR resources by users and clients with appropriate permission. 

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