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The Digital Health and Care Institute

Supporting the Demonstration and Simulation Environment

The Context

The DHI is focused on inspiring, enabling and combining world-leading industry and academic expertise with technology, service, and design innovation to create person-centred digital health and care solutions to positively impact society.

The DHI needed a platform to demonstrate the flow of data between devices, apps and connected hardware with NHS statutory systems to demonstrate how citizens can use data to not only co-manage their own care but also share with health and social care as part of new continuous and preventative care pathways.  

As an open, developer friendly platform, that enforces standards for data interoperability such as FHIR, Lenus offered a test bed platform to build and test new integrated and predictive models of care in response to DHI challenges and sponsored projects.  

The Solution

Lenus platform was deployed to dedicated infrastructure to support data isolation. DHI branding and custom end points were applied to public interfaces of the platform such as identity and consent. 

A DHI developer portal was made available to innovators to connect their service into the platform. 

The identity and consent management service demonstrates how citizens can activate services on their own terms and offers transparency over who and what has access to their health data with options to revoke that consent. 

A number of exemplar patient facing digital health services were developed by partners to demonstrate how applications can pull and push physiology, patient reported outcomes and risk flags to the platform and from statutory systems.   



latop artwork DHI dashboard

Built for Success

The platform demonstrates how combinatorial digital health and care services can:

  • Prevent unnecessary and expensive hospital admissions through remote monitoring of patients
  • Reduce duplication and unnecessary processes through user managed access to patient generated data
  • Improve individuals’ engagement with their own personal health and adherence to medication
  • Generate personalised care plans by utilising patient generated data as part of any assessment process
  • Produce vital inputs to population health studies and algorithm development through pre-consented patient data streams
The demonstration environment aims to allow innovators to quickly demonstrate technical capabilities to support service redesign in response to our challenges Chaloner Chute, Chief Technology Officer, DHI
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