Heart failure service

Heart Failure Screening and Virtual Management

Despite improvements in care, prevalence of heart failure is increasing.

2014 - 65,025 heart failure hospital admissions in England

2019 - 86,474 heart failure hospital admissions in England

64 million

People are living with heart failure around the world.

1 million

People are living with heart failure in the UK.


New cases of heart failure are diagnosed in the UK annually.

Who it's for

The heart failure service is suitable for screening of suspected patients and long-term remote management of diagnosed patients.

There are more than 100,000 hospital admissions each year in UK where heart failure is the primary diagnosis. The length of stay following admission is twice the average at 10 days. Admissions for heart failure are largely preventable.

Early diagnosis and effective management can help reduce hospital admissions and unnecessary outpatient appointments.

How it works

Early Diagnostic Decision Service

Diagnosis is crucial to enable early initiation of key lifesaving therapies. Early diagnosis and early initiation of treatment requires timely access to echocardiography.

The use of the latest portable handheld devices combined with AI driven echocardiography integrated into the early diagnostic decision service for use in secondary and primary care settings results in earlier detection of heart failure.

Heart Failure Management Service

Patients diagnosed with heart failure move on to a virtual management service.

Patients are closely monitored using daily diaries and wearables during therapy stablisation.

Stable patients are virtually managed with AI risk scores identifying patients in need of early intervention in community settings

The virtual management of heart failure patients helps to reduce admissions and unnecessary outpatient visits.

Benefits of the heart failure service include a reduction in waiting times, unnecessary face to face appointments, unscheduled admissions and improved patient outcomes and treatment engagement.

Heart failure management supports 2 patient cohorts:

  • patients receiving an initial 6 to 12 weeks therapy to help stabilise their condition
  • stable patients requiring ongoing remote monitoring

The heart failure clinical dashboard displays and aggregates healthcare data across all patients onboarded to the service. Data rules help trigger interventions or escalations.

Healthcare professionals can use Lenus to:

  • access the patient's electronic health record
  • augment the electronic health record with data from the heart failure service
  • securely send messages to patients or their designated care team

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If you’re interested in deploying the heart failure service for screening and management, or integrating an existing heart failure service with Lenus, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide an indicative quote.

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We deliver this service on a cost-per-patient basis for a minimum period of 12 months.

Your exact cost will depend on the number of patients, duration of service, and required integrations with existing systems.

You'll need a Lenus Digital Health and Care Platform licence to enable this service. Contact us to find out more.

G-Cloud approved

All UK public sector bodies, including the NHS, can purchase this service through G-Cloud 12, or directly from Storm ID.

The heart failure management service was developed by Lenus Health in collaboration with NHS heart failure specialists.