Virtual trials

Conduct and manage clinical research remotely.

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Virtual trials enable health professionals to conduct clinical research remotely using connected devices and data exchange platforms.

Who it's for

This service is designed to help clinical teams conduct research where time, resources or participant location is a constraint.

Virtual trials are well-suited to pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation.

How it works

Health professionals invite patients to the trial and provide the devices and instructions needed to participate.

Devices and sensors automatically collect participant health data

Health professionals have access to a clinical dashboard which displays participant data

Clinical teams can communicate with patients via SMS or the service app

Trials can be conducted entirely or partially virtually depending on the needs of the study


Health professionals can conduct research efficiently and accurately without the time and travel constraints of in-person clinical trials.

Patients can participate easily at home while still receiving support from their care team.


This service is available on a cost-per-patient basis for a minimum period of 12 months.

Exact costs depend on the number of patients, duration of the trial and integrations with existing systems. These include patient management systems (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR).

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