Virtual trials

Consistent data through remote monitoring

Virtual trials aim to reduce the time and travel constraints of clinical trials. They use connected devices and data exchange platforms to monitor patients remotely.

This service makes clinical research easier for patients by placing them at the centre of research. Trials can be conducted entirely virtually, with no face-to-face component, or partially virtually.

Who it's for

Virtual trials are well-suited to pharmacology trials. They’re also applicable to a broad range of studies that do not require in-patient care or observation, including central nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrinology and long-term extended trials in oncology.

Because they’re conducted remotely, virtual trials are a good option for trials where there is a geographic spread of patients and participants.

How it works

Health professionals onboard patients to the trial and provide the devices and instructions they need to participate.

Devices and sensors automatically collect patient health data to a high standard of accuracy and consistency, eliminating the risk of transcription error.

Clinical teams can communicate with patients using messaging services or digital communication platforms.

Health professionals have access to the clinical dashboard, which aggregates health data for all onboarded patients. The Lenus platform can be used to:

  • send messages to patients or the designated care team
  • gather qualitative insights from patients

The connected hardware and apps provide:

  • Daily activity

  • Calories

  • Distance travelled

  • Progress against target

  • Sleep

  • Using this service

Get in touch

If you’re interested in deploying the virtual trials service or integrating an existing COPD service with Lenus, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide an indicative quote.

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We deliver this service on a cost-per-patient basis for a minimum period of 12 months.

Your exact cost will depend on the number of patients, duration of service, and required integrations with existing systems.

You’ll need a Lenus Digital Health and Care Platform licence to enable the virtual trials service. Contact us to find out more.