At Lenus Health, Corporate Social Responsibility embodies our commitment to conducting our operations in a manner that maximises positive outcomes while minimising negative impacts on the economy, society, communities as well as the environment.

Our commitment extends to balancing the interests of a diverse range of stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, healthcare partners, allied public bodies, as well as patients in the local communities we serve. We understand that nurturing trust with stakeholders is integral to our continued success. This commitment is aligned with our company's core Purpose, Vision, and Mission as well as our Values:


We put health data to work.


We imagine healthier patients and happier clinicians.


We build technology that puts humans at the centre of an always-on healthcare system using patient-generated data and ethical AI.


Be a Force for Good:

We make choices that consider the broader impact. Our technology is ethical, explainable, and positively contributes to healthcare, community, and the environment.

Challenge Norms:

We are proactive problem-solvers, challenging the status quo. We embrace innovation and change.

Grow Together:

We recognize the strength of our team. Transparency, mutual support, and continuous learning are central to our growth.

Remember the Patient:

Our solutions are designed with empathy and user-centricity. Diversity and inclusivity drive our team and approach.

Our Operational Commitments:

Ethical Data Handling: We are committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security. We will handle patient-generated data with utmost care and adhere to all relevant data protection regulations, ensuring patient confidentiality and trust.

User-Centric Design: Our digital health solutions will prioritise user experience, accessibility, and inclusivity. We will design our platforms and solutions to be intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible to individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Evidence-Based Innovation: Our products and services will be developed based on sound scientific and medical research and evidence. We will continuously seek to improve our offerings through rigorous testing, validation, and ongoing feedback loops.

Transparency and Explainability: We are committed to providing transparent explanations of our technologies and algorithms to both healthcare professionals and patients. We will strive to make our AI-driven insights understandable and interpretable.

Clinical Collaboration: We will actively collaborate with healthcare professionals, clinicians, and experts to ensure that our solutions align with clinical best practices and guidelines. We will seek their input in developing tools that enhance patient outcomes.

Continuous Learning: Our team will engage in ongoing education and professional development to stay updated on the latest advancements in digital health, medical technologies, and ethical AI practices.

Social Responsibility: We will engage in initiatives that contribute positively to the communities we serve. This includes supporting healthcare access for underserved populations and participating in community health programmes.

Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We will optimise our technology infrastructure for energy efficiency and reduce waste in our operations, while supporting sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

Diversity and Inclusion: We will foster a diverse and inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. We will strive to eliminate bias in our technologies and ensure equitable opportunities for all employees.

Education and Empowerment: We will provide educational resources to empower patients and healthcare providers in making informed decisions about digital health technologies. We will offer training and support to help them effectively use our solutions.

Data Ethics: We will adhere to stringent ethical standards when using patient-generated data for research and development. We will obtain informed consent, anonymise data when necessary, and prioritise data security.

Regulatory Compliance: We will stay compliant with all applicable regulations and certifications related to digital health, medical devices, and data privacy. Our products will meet or exceed regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions we operate.

Collaborative Partnerships: We will collaborate with other stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem, including technology providers, healthcare institutions, regulatory bodies, and patient advocacy groups, to collectively advance the field and ensure responsible innovation.

These commitments reflect our dedication to driving positive impact through ethical and responsible practices in the dynamic realm of digital health.

Environmental Stewardship and Net Zero Commitments:

Lenus Health is dedicated to responsible environmental stewardship, as reflected in our Net Zero strategy. Drawing on our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we have formulated a Carbon Reduction Plan following the GHG Protocol. This plan outlines our carbon emissions baseline, our current emissions, and our strategies for carbon reduction.

Leveraging data-driven transformation in chronic disease pathways and elective care recovery tools, we are actively contributing to a greener NHS. As a recognized innovator in support of a greener NHS, our inclusion in the Net Zero 50 list highlights our commitment to decarbonisation. We have established ambitious carbon reduction targets, projecting a 29.5% reduction in carbon emissions to 20.10 tCO2e by 2028.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Recognising the power and value of collaboration, we actively seek business partnerships that are aligned with our above commitments.


These commitments serve as a guiding framework for all Lenus Health employees.

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