Lenus Health offers engineering opportunity and insight at Level Up

Our award-winning technology works across the end-to-end care pathway to address backlogs and enable more proactive and personalised care. Now is the time for us to take these successes to the next level. Want to help?

In the lead up to Level Up, we at Lenus Health are actively recruiting the best and brightest tech talent in Scotland and beyond. This is our first attempt to get some engineering words in front of a public audience, but we are keen to share the fantastic achievements we have made to date working with the NHS and the pioneering work that lays ahead using AI in healthcare.

As a team of highly technical people, being asked to “write a short article” fills us with dread and apprehension. We have, however, been assured this is normal and gets easier the more you do it.

So, what can you expect from technical content shared by members of the Lenus engineering team? We intend to provide a little insight into Lenus Health, but more importantly to open the door into our engineering team, the people, processes and tools we use. The future of our engineering-focused posts will cover topics such as:

  • Technology deep dives where we can share our knowledge and experiences
  • Discuss our tool chain, the tools we use daily and some of the cool utilities and services we have found that make our day to day lives easier
  • Technical content on a topic and problem
  • Publishing a customised tech radar (https://www.thoughtworks.com/en-gb/radar) that shows the technology, tools and processes we are using or considering.

We also want to provide culturally insightful content that will help you see what it is like to work with us. Perhaps some “A Day in the life of....” diaries or providing commentary on the world of technology and its impact on us and our industry via a “In our Opinion...” post.

It is our hope that the content we create here will be read and shared by our peers to further innovation in our field. As a spin out from a mature digital consultancy, Storm ID, we have great experience from Day 1 and exciting growth plans that will see unique opportunities for engineers working in:

  • Backend and Frontend technologies such as .NET or Javascript
  • Data Engineering and Data science
  • Azure Cloud infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance, Test engineering and SRE

We are always on the lookout for passionate people who see a challenge and ask how they can contribute to overcoming it. There is no doubt that working as an engineer in the digital healthcare industry presents daily challenges, but nothing quite matches the buzz and pride you feel when you see and hear about the impact your work has on the lives of others, seeing your platform featured in academic papers or hearing success stories from both clinicians and patients.

In recent years, we have built and integrated a health data exchange platform, worked with industry partners to integrate consumer and medical grade activity monitoring devices and built innovative patient and clinician facing products. Now is the time for us to take these successes to the next level. Want to help?

Visit our careers page or contact careers@lenushealth.com to share your CV prospectively.