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First developed to facilitate outpatient dermatology care and now offering many other specialty services including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, mental health, cardiology and more.

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The Digital Appointments Service allows clinicians to hold remote asynchronous virtual consultations where the exchange between patient and clinician can happen over a period of time, driving efficiencies and making it a flexible and convenient model of care delivery.


  • In Scotland, the NHS fields more than 283,000 dermatology outpatient appointments each year
  • 59% of these are return appointments

The Digital Appointments Service  aims to reclaim clinical time, allowing care providers to meet growing demand and address backlogs. It also aims to support patients in participating in their care.

Case Study

We first partnered with NHS Scotland to develop the Digital Appointments Service for Dermatology.

The service is currently being used in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Forth Valley and NHS Grampian.

How it works

Patients share photos of their condition and answer a customisable set of questions

Virtual consultations are open for up to a week with ongoing exchange between the clinician and the patient, who is prompted by email and SMS reminders

Clinicians access their full clinical dashboard, which integrates all exchanges and patient-provided data

The clinical care team can review and respond to patient submissions as well as send a copy of the appointment to the patient’s electronic health record


This service is available on a license basis for a minimum period of 12 months.

Exact costs depend on the number of patients and integrations with existing systems. This includes patient management systems (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR).

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