Heart Failure Pathway

A streamlined digital service that maximises diagnostic activity by supporting community diagnostic centres and AI analysis tools.

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Lenus Health's Heart Failure Service enables new efficiencies in the diagnostic pathway to provide responsive, high quality services and scale elective recovery and early diagnosis.


The human and financial cost of HF is large and growing worldwide. Early diagnosis and initiation of heart failure treatment reduces the risk of hospitalisation and death, but the diagnostic pathway is complex and often delayed by operational or system level issues.

  • 80%

    Up to 80% of HF diagnoses are made on emergency hospital admission

  • 46%

    Predicted increase in heart failure prevalence by 2030

  • 1 year

    Over 12 months' waiting time to enter HF pathway in busy UK centres

  • 5 years

    More than half of patients die within 5 years of an often delayed diagnosis

Case Study

Results from the Optimised Pathway for Early Identification of Heart Failure in the Community (OPERA) project - a collaboration between AstraZeneca UK, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, University of Glasgow, Lenus Health and West of Scotland Innovation teams

  • 6 weeks

    Waiting time reduced from 12 months to 6 weeks for a population of 1.2 million

  • 2 minutes

    Echo analysis times reduced from 25 to 2 minutes by operationalising AI tools

  • 30%

    Referrals diverted by enabling active clinical referral triage (ACRT)

  • 150%

    Increase in diagnosis efficiency based on patients diagnosed in a 4hr clinic

How it works

Patients share info and answer PROs to complete a self-assessment through their smartphone or tablet

Clinicians access their full clinical dashboard integrating shared patient data with historic clinical data, AI-assisted diagnostics, appointment management and electronic health records

Clinicians review and respond with outcome or arrange further actions as required with a letter generated and sent to patients' EHR and primary care provider

Heart Failure Clinical Dashboard with details of appointment outcome


This service is available on a cost-per-patient basis for a minimum period of 12 months.

Exact costs depend on the number of patients, duration of the trial and integrations with existing systems. This includes patient management systems (PMS) and electronic records (EMR/EHR).

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