Risk Stratification

Build critical insights for at-risk patients and surface them at point of care

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Lenus Stratify® delivers a suite of machine learning AI models that work in harmony to identify clinical risk at a patient and population level

Clinical teams can act on risk

Take a world-first approach to clinical AI


Routinely collected healthcare data is full of biases

Building models without mitigating against these can have detrimental outcomes


Explainable model predictions are essential to ensure both clinician and patient trust in the AI

Explainability is also a powerful technique for bias hunting


Evaluation of model performance, selection rate, and explainability across protected demographics

Fairness-aware model training with representation/inclusion criteria

NHS AI Award

Patent pending 2208262.2

Phase 3 Recipient: Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award delivered by Accelerated Access Collaborative, National Institute for Health Research and NHS AI Lab. Read more here.

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