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Timely diagnosis and access to guideline-directed care makes the difference

Lenus Diagnose is our transformative digital diagnostics solution. It provides healthcare systems with a highly effective digital diagnostics capability for use in community care settings, helping reduce waiting times and accelerating patient access to guideline-directed care.

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How Lenus Diagnose works

Lenus Diagnose helps with automation of clinical diagnostic workflows. It speeds up time between steps, resolves bottlenecks, and reduces need for face to face outpatient appointments and unnecessary tests.

It enables hub and spoke diagnostic care models with tests undertaken closer to the patient's home. Independent studies have shown that Lenus Diagnose can reduce time to treatment by 72% in heart failure patients.

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Use cases

The Lenus Diagnose solution offers healthcare systems the means to reduce waiting times and deliver productivity gains using Al and digital tools.

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Redesign pathways

Reduce repeat tests, resolve bottlenecks, collect data digitally in advance of appointment, virtualise outcome and automate communication to patients and care practioners.

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Digitisation improves information sharing, supports customisation to meet local workflows and is prerequisite to exploit innovations such as Al and point of care tests.

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Community Hubs

Co-locate testing in community hubs to deliver near-immediate diagnosis across single or multiple conditions. Enable hub and spoke model with secondary care specialities.

Reduced time to treatment, hospitalisations and costs

We developed a digital diagnostic pathway for Heart Failure and achieved some remarkable results. The study was titled 'Optimising a Digital Diagnostic Pathway for Heart Failure in the Community (OPERA).

  • 78%

    Reduction in time to treatment

  • 75%

    Reduction in waiting lists

  • 37%

    Reduction in hospitalisation

  • 20%

    Reduction in costs

80% of heart failure diagnoses are made on emergency hospital admission. Watch this short video to learn more about how early diagnosis of heart failure improves patient outcomes and reduces costs associated with unscheduled emergency admissions.

Lenus Diagnose provides structured data to fuel advances in Al

The digital transformation of diagnostics can help drive much needed service efficiencies, reduce time to treatment for patients and is a necessary pre-requisite to exploiting future innovations in the form of innovative diagnostic devices, point of care and home-based testing and providing the structured data to fuel advances in artificial intelligence.

Bias free

Routinely collected healthcare data is full of biases. Our Al models have been developed to mitigate these biases to ensure there are no detrimental outcomes.


Explainable Al model predictions are essential to ensure both clinicians and patients have confidence in the Al.


Our approach incorporates fairness-aware model training with representation/inclusion criteria, evaluation of model performance, selection rate, and explainability across protected demographics.

Deploy Lenus Diagnose safely and securely

Lenus Diagnose is medical device software and has been developed in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 for quality and security and is registered with regulatory bodies.

What our partners say

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Digitisation of the heart failure diagnostics service has revolutionised the way we work and has enabled us to provide equitable and more timely access to heart failure diagnostics and heart failure care.

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