Lenus Stratify®

Deploy our clinically validated Predictive AI with confidence

Lenus Stratify® is our award winning suite of Predictive Al models. They enable early detection of clinical risks at a patient and population level across a range of chronic conditions including COPD and Heart Failure.

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How Lenus Stratify® works

The Lenus Stratify® Al models have been developed in partnership with world-leading clinicians, follow clinical best practice and have been embedded into live clinical workflows.

The models deliver risk scores across a range of vectors including hospital admission and readmission risk across different time windows, mortality and near term emergency admission risk. Risk scores provides care teams with actionable insights to help inform appropriate treatment interventions for patients to keep them at home and out of hospital.

This combination of data-driven insights coupled with clinical expertise from multidisciplinary care teams equips healthcare organisations with new capabilities that help inform clinical decision making, leading to improved patient outcomes

showing example model scores from a clinical dashboard
Risk scores are presented in the clinical dashboard
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Multiple deployment options, to meet your needs

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Lenus Stratify® can be deployed in several ways, to meet the needs of your healthcare system.
  1. Local Model Inferencing

    We can bring our suite of Al models to your secure data environment, run inferencing and generate insights across your target population. Insights can then be rendered in your local data visualisation tools.

  2. Local Treat Dashboard

    You supply the data to our data pipelines and we will surface population and patient level Al insights in our Lenus Treat digital dashboards with features enabled for coordinating and managing interventions with high risk patients.

  3. Partners

    We work with platform partners that offer aggregated model stores and offer different integration options to suit local governance requirements.

Use cases

The Lenus Stratify® Al models offer cutting-edge capabilities to effectively stratify risks and predict adverse events in patients living with chronic diseases. Effortlessly convert your data and access invaluable insights, seamlessly delivered at the point of care, empowering enhanced decision-making.

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Early prediction of admission risk

Use our Al models to identify high-risk patients early, preventing disease progression, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

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Prevent emergency hospital admissions

Use our Al models to support treatment intervention that keep patients at home and out of the emergency department.

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Deliver better informed treatment interventions

Use our Al models to generate actionable insights that can help transform the care for patients with chronic conditions.

Impact outcomes and evidence

Learn more about the impact and outcomes Lenus Stratify® can deliver for healthcare systems like yours. Check out the clinical evidence and other study outputs.

  • 1,000

    Clinical interventions, including patient care and outpatient case reviews.

  • 560

    Hospital admissions avoided from COPD patients that have received a clinical intervention.

  • $3.8m

    Bed day savings along with clinical capacity released back into the system from admission avoidance.

Learn more about the DYNAMIC-AI study
Listen to testimony from Patricia who has benefited from the COPD service.

Our Predictive Al models are performant, explainable and calibrated

Our pioneering Al models have been carefully developed over several years, using historic patient and other data, to ensure models are performant, explainable and calibrated, giving clinicians and patients confidence in the Lenus Stratify® solution.


Our models have been validated on external datasets with performance exceeding known published comparisons. We use Fairlearn to produce model performance metrics relating to fairness.


Local explainability of the models enables care teams to interrogate the model scores to make sure they are bio-plausible and identify treatable traits to highlight specific interventions at patient level.


Our models can be calibrated to ensure care teams can accurately estimate workload and action the models at a threshold depending on the available clinical resources.

Deploy Lenus Stratify® safely and securely

Our initial suite of Lenus Stratify® Al models were developed and deployed as part of a clinical investigation, under requirements set out by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and supported by an NHS Al in Health and Care Award Phase 3 Project.

Our Al models are medical device software and have been developed in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 for quality and security and are registered with regulatory bodies.

What our partners say

Patient being fitted with breathing apparatus
Dr Chris Carlin
The Lenus Health COPD services help patients by reducing anxieties, providing clinical support, landing the interventions that reduce exacerbation frequency and giving them the tools to recognise and either self-treat or get support for their flare-ups before they reach crisis point.

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