Lenus Health's first-in-class platform structures health data, generates predictive AI and delivers actionable clinical insights at the point of care.

Deliver world-class care

  • Configurable and scalable. Lenus Health can support multiple condition pathways for any size population. Read our Covid case study to see how we can flex to meet peak demand.
  • Integration-ready. Lenus Health can integrate third party AI and medical device data directly into the platform. See how this helped reduce waiting times from 12 months to 6 weeks.
  • Interoperable. We use standard HL7 FHIRv4 Data APIs for identity, access and consent management services. Our tech features two-way data exchange and uses open industry standard protocols.
  • Consent management. Lenus Health is compliant with User-Managed Access (UMA) protocols. Patients control what data they share and who can access it.

A truly end-to-end solution that structures health data longitudinally from screening to diagnosis to monitoring to follow-up.

Optimise the patient experience

  • Appointment management. Patients can co-manage initial, routine and patient-initiated follow up (PIFU) appointments with their care team.
  • Digitised outcome measurement. Digital PROMS tools capture patient-generated data for diagnosis and follow up.
  • Remote care management. Data from symptom diaries & devices supports remote monitoring and helps the care team prevent unplanned admissions.

Transform the clinical experience

  • Triage, referral and discharge management. Digitised triage, referral and early supported discharge processes support smooth patient flow and efficient use of clinical time.
  • Digitised diagnostic workflows and device integration. Clinical workflows are enhanced through the use of patient-generated data and AI across the patient pathway.
  • Virtual wards and follow up. Clinical dashboards, virtual visits and escalation management enable the highest quality digital and Hospital at Home care.

Leverage data, analytics and AI

  • Case finding and risk stratification. Granular data from across the patient pathway helps identify at risk population cohorts to enable early intervention.
  • Patient and resource prioritisation. Patients and clinical care can be prioritised according to configurable criteria to reduce care backlogs and help those most in need.
  • AI-driven diagnostics and pathway optimisation. AI-driven insights can inform service performance management, planning, and pathway optimisation.

Secure and encrypted

All data on Lenus Health is encrypted using storage accounts and data stores.

Sensitive platform and service configurations are not accessible to any party except the platform or service itself.

Our security processes are fully compliant with NHS best practice for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) web applications.

Trusted and compliant

The Lenus Health Platform and selected services are certified as Class I under EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR).

Our quality management system is fully certified to the International Standard BS EN ISO 13485:2016 by a UKAS accredited assessment body.

We undergo third party assessments to ensure continuing compliance in the changing regulatory landscape.

Certified to ISO 13485 and Cyber Essentials


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We use the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud to support all our solutions.

Being cloud native and Azure optimised allows us to respond to the changing needs of the healthcare sector. We can scale services to meet current and future demands.

Meet our experts

Get in touch if you would like to meet with our product or sales specialists. We'll be pleased to provide solution demonstrations and discuss pricing.

We are a Crown Commercial Service Supplier. Our solutions are on UK frameworks: G-Cloud 13, Spark DPS and AI DPS.

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