Lenus Health is designed for interoperability. In other words, our IT system can talk to your IT system.

We believe this is crucial to an integrated model of care. It allows Lenus Health services to support existing care pathways without creating extra work for clinical teams.

All of our services align with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.


  • Two-way data exchange between patient-generated health data and data held in clinical systems
  • Open industry standard protocols for authentication and authorisation allow for third party integration in a recognised and secure way
  • Federated authentication to your organisation: log in through Lenus Health to digital services with third-party accounts or identity providers

Privacy by default

Lenus Health is compliant with User-Managed Access (UMA) protocols. Patients control what data they share and who can access it.

Secure and encrypted

All data on Lenus Health is encrypted using storage accounts and data stores.

Sensitive platform and service configurations are not accessible to any party except the platform or service itself.

Our security processes are fully compliant with NHS best practice for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) web applications.

Cloud native and Azure optimised

We use the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud to support all our services.

Cloud native services allow us to respond to the changing needs of the healthcare sector. We can scale services to meet current and future demands.

Deployment model

All third party services are required to participate in the platform service assurance process. This validates integrations with the platform and ensures compliance with security and governance best practice.

Developer resources

Developers can request access to our developer portal  to manage and configure integration between services and the Lenus Health platform. 

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